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Coated Abrasive Belt Splicing Tapes
Splicing Tapes - Product Bulletin - PB207
Splicing Tapes

Sheldahl has applied an exact thickness of dry, thermosetting adhesive to the yarn surface of the tape. The expected results when using this tape are reduced splice thickness, increased joint consistency, reduced labor and decrease solvent usage.

T1931 T1787 T1789 ST1641 T9039 ST1727 T1877
Yellow Pink White New Blue Emerald Green Woven
Paper Fine J & X Wt. Cloth/Poly 120 grit and finer 120 grit to 60 grit 80 grit and coarser Abrasion resist flex tensile 60 grit and coarser Non-Woven Abrasives
Tape Thickness Tensile Strength Application Notes
Part Number Metric English Metric N/cm. English lbs./in.
T1931 0.051 mm 0.002" 200 N/cm. 115 lbs./in. ultra thin, replace lap, J-Weight
T1787 0.076 mm 0.003" 325 N/cm. 185 lbs./in. thin, versatile, highest flex
T1789 0.114 mm 0.0045" 455 N/cm. 260 lbs./in. most versatile, strength & flex
ST1641 0.163 mm 0.0064" 615 N/cm. 340 lbs./in. high strength, high flex, uniform thickness
T9039 0.191 mm 0.0075" 650 N/cm. 365 lbs./in. Best properties of blue and green.
ST1727 0.216 mm 0.0085" 650 N/cm. 380 lbs./in. Strong abrasion and hinge resistant
T1877 0.140 mm 0.0055" 440 N/cm. 250 lbs./in. Air tools, surface conditioning

Standard Bias Angle: 55°, 67°, 75°

Standard Roll Widths: ¾” and 1”

Standard Roll Lengths: 76 meters (152 meters available)

NOTE: 1. Tape Storage and Shipment: Coated tapes are shipped in insulated cartons with dry ice. Rolls are individually packaged, with a desiccant, in a sealed plastic bag. To assure a shelf life of 90 days tape, must be stored -29°C (-20°F) or lower.

NOTE: 2. Please consult Customer Support for complete details about our products.


1. Cut belts to desired angle.

2. Abrade ends with wire brush, sandblast, etc.

3. Apply adhesive to both belt ends and the yarn side of the splicing tape.

Adhesive Formulation Weight Volume
Resin: Sheldahl A0455/A0651 100 parts by weight at 20% solids 100 volumes
Curing Agent: Desmodur® RE or RFE 9-11 parts by weights 8 - 10 volumes
T1880, T1882, T1878 300-400 microns plus tape thickness
ST1884 and ST1886 550-650 microns plus tape thickness

NOTE: Adhesive can be applied using a roller coater or brush and is compatible with spray equipment when diluted. Allow adhesive to dry at room temperature for 20-40 minutes or 4 to 6 minutes at 150°F


Place pre-tacked belt in bonding press with a release sheet/press pad configuration to prevent bonding to the heated bars. Suggested Press Cycle

English Metric
Temperature: 165°F to 185°F 75°C to 85°C
Pressure: 2000 to 3000 PSI 140 to 210 KG/sq. cm.
Time: 5-9 seconds 5-9 seconds

Adhesive open time is dependent upon coating thickness, press temperature and room environment.


Sheldahl A455 or A651 and Desmodur® RE or RFE Desmodur® is a registered trademark of Bayer AG.

Product data is for information only and may vary dependent on individual products and processes. Sheldahl does not guarantee, or will it accept obligation or liability based on the use of this data. All data subject to change without notice.