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SR Avimarine is a professionally managed reliable supplier for all your critical requirements. We are exclusive Asia pacific distributer for Sheldhal splicing tapes.

We supply advanced laminates, high performance tapes, flexible printed circuits and printed circuit materials for the worldwide automotive and data communication markets in the aerospace industry. These materials can be supplied in large sheets, wide rolls, and specialty tapes..

Joining tape

Splicing Tapes

90% of all manufactured goods produced worldwide are touched by abrasives in some way, in some part of the process. Global leadership in the field of coated abrasive splice technology requires the highest quality products and the strongest technical capabilities. Market reputation, economic risk and safety – much is at stake.

Multek creates, manufactures and distributes technically advanced; coatings, dry film adhesives, special performance tapes and engineered flexible laminates. Sheldahl® brand technical materials are renowned worldwide. Sheldahl® brand innovative material solutions began in 1955. More than 70% of abrasive belt manufactures in the world choose Sheldahl® brand adhesive and tape products.

Multek’s Sheldahl brand splicing tapes are the undisputed, worldwide leading brand of abrasive belt splicing products. Our scientists and engineers patented Unidirectional tape technology more than 30 years ago. We continue to advance our process and product capabilities:

1) Experience - Over 60 years manufacturing Specialty Tapes.
2) Highest Reliability – the only totally integrated process controlled manufacturer.
3) Highest Quality – the only manufacturer ISO 9001, TS16949 and ISO 14001 certified.
4) Highest Tape Performance – the most rigorous requirements and unmatched product testing.
5) Market Leading Responsiveness – dedicated Customer and Technical Support.

Splicing tape
Abrasive Belt Adhesives

Sheldahl® brand polyurethane adhesives are designed to be used in conjunction with an isocyanate curing agent as a two-component system. These systems produce a tough, flexible, temperature and chemical resistant bond. Our adhesives are specifically designed for splicing abrasive belts and may be used as a general adhesive for plastics, rubber, fabrics, leather, wood and paper.

Application Method (Solids) Solvent Resin Color Spec Number PDF
Spray (15%) MEK Standard Clear A455 View
Brush/Roller (20%) MEK Standard Clear A455 View
Spray (15%) EtAc/Ace Standard Clear Or Red A651 View
Brush/Roller (20%) EtAc/Ace Standard Clear Or Red A651 View
Spray (15%) Ace/EtAc Standard Clear Or Red A667 View
Brush/Roller (20%) Ace/EtAc Standard Clear Or Red A667 View
Spray (15%) EtAc Standard Clear A670 View
Brush/Roller (20%) EtAc Standard Clear A670 View
Spray (15%) EtAc Standard UV A688 View
Brush/Roller (20%) EtAc Standard UV A688 View
Spray (15%) MEK Standard UV A729 View
Brush/Roller (20%) MEK Standard UV A729 View
Brush/Roller (20%) EtAc/Ace Hi Strength/Low-Tack Red A679 View

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Uncoated Abrasive Belt Splicing Tapes

Sheldahl® brand uncoated splicing tapes are pre-primed to obtain maximum bond strength when using a thermosetting adhesive.

The standard products consist of polyester film reinforced with polyester yarns. Below is listed our standard products line with suggested applications:
Splicing tape

Sheldahl® brand coated splicing tapes are produced by applying an exact thickness of dry, thermosetting adhesive to the yarn surface of the tape. The expected results when using this tape are reduced splice thickness, increased joint consistency, reduced labor and a decrease in solvent usage.